Star Three Plan Application Form

Name of Plan Registration Fees No. of Unit Per Day Plans Validity You Get Per Unit
Star Three
Rs. 3850
135 Unit Per Day 12 Months Rs.4 Per Unit


Only one time Rs. 3850 registration fee for validity of 12 months. No additional fees are required in 12 months.

This is not a target based work. Your payment is based on your work.

Maximum Per Day Income- 135 unit x Rs 4= Rs.540 Per Day

Maximum Weekly Income- Rs 540 Per Day x 7 Days= Rs 3780 Per Week

Maximum Monthly Income- Rs 540 Per Day x 28 Days= Rs 15120 Per Month

Total Maximum Income in 12 Months- Rs 15120 Per Month x 12 Months= Rs 181440


How To Start : To start with us is very simple. You simply have to fill the following form and submit it. And then pay Rs. 3850 registration charges. Then within 1 hours your account will be activated. You will get your username and password at your email id filled in the form. After that you can start your work.

Guidelines : As soon as your account is activated, you will get Guidelines in PDF format at your email id. You will get all the instructions in it.